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Ascaso Dream Up Espresso Machine

Ascaso Dream Up Espresso Machine


The Dream model is emblematic of the Ascaso factory. This machine, designed by Marc Aranyó, combines the retro look with the latest state-of- the-art technology. As well as beautifully decorating the area where it is placed, this espresso coffee machine provides versatility and a professional quality extraction.

The Dream coffee machine is made in aluminium. The coloured machines are painted with technological quality paints, used in Formula 1 and professional navigation. This finish is achieved by polishing the pieces by hand, one by one. It is a laborious, handcrafted process that provides each piece with unique characteristics. The Dream model includes the Tam-tamper. Aluminium professional Tamper (57mm) designed by Marc Aranyó.

Ascaso tamper

Barista Quality At Home

Professional quality coffee group
Made of high quality brass and designed to distribute the heat uniformly for a consistent temperature and a better extraction.  

Thermoblock aluminium + inox.

Its high quality means it can reach working temperatures quickly and in succession. Two thermostats control the temperature of the coffee and steam and a resettable thermostat protects the machine from accidental overheating. High capacity. Oversized to guarantee professional thermal stability and provide quality in every cup.

The water circulates through an Inox circuit, reducing lime scale build-up to a minimum.

Provides a limitless supply of steam.

20 BAR Pump
Professional water pump which enables the distribution of water over the coffee at a suitable pressure to maximize aroma, flavour and organoleptics.      

3 Way Valves 

Ergonomic handle

Professional portafilters and professional filter baskets:
following Ascaso's philosophy of transferring the professional components to the espresso world at home, all machines are provided with chrome brass portafilters and stainless steel filter baskets with 58 mm diameter. 

A special feature that comes as standard in all our products. The design of the steam pipe allows for creamy cappuccinos and lattes.                

1.3 Litre water tank ( 48 oz)
Removable for maintenance and cleaning with easy visual access to verify the amount of water in the tank. It is possible to fill the tank with the coffee machine in operation.                                

Cup warmers and Trays

Emulating the professional coffee machines, the top of the machine includes an area that keeps the cups warm (cup warmers) in order for the coffee not to lose its temperature when poured into the cup. Its stainless steel and removable tray ( to remove remains of coffee or water) and the design of the grille allow easy handling and cleaning.

Temperature Control

The exterior thermometer, designed for a vintage aesthetic, provides the temperature of the boiler in ºC and ºF.

Powerful steam / Hot water   

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