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Ditting 1203/1403 Coffee Grinder

Ditting 1203/1403 Coffee Grinder


The 1203 and 1403 models are the ideal solution everywhere that fast, reliable and uniform grinding is required. Coffee stores with a large volume of business, supermarkets and roasting establishments value these coffee grinders highly for their exceptional performance, sturdy, simple and safe operation.

Specially developed motors allowing large grinding capacity at all degrees of fineness. Preservation of coffee’s unique aromatic oils thanks to uniform, gentle and cool grinding made possible by built-in fan and specially sharpened discs developed by Ditting.

Continuously variable adjustment of grinding fineness. Minimal coffee particles left in discharge tube thanks to built-in vibrating device or manual tapper. Efficient bag shaking device (KR / KFR models) distributes grounds evenly into bag and ensures all particles are dispensed.

Precision grinding discs made of high quality material that is extremely wear resistant. The original discs can be used 2-3 times after re-sharpening. Easy to maintain and clean.

If you expect to grind between 25–60 lbs per day, opt for a model KR1203. If you expect to grind more than 60 lbs per day, opt for a model KR1403. If you
are expecting to grind 100 lbs or more a day, consider industrial model KF1800.