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Sattwa Chai

Sattwa Chai

Premium, microbrew chai


Are you on the hunt for a chai tea concentrate, a chai latte, chai boxes, chai mixes, chai blends and want an authentic chai in a modern coffee or cafe setting? Sattwa Chai is a chai microbrew that can craft the chai you seek.

Sattwa Chai is the only premium, heirloom, microbrewed chai. Thoughtfully developed over two decades; every cup is the result of months of sunshine and years of commitment. Organic, fair trade and genuine from the beginning, this is not the masala chai for the undiscerning.

Crafted with whole spices of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and pepper, real tea leaves and a hand brewed process means every batch reaches your cup with vibrant, balanced, perfection. Sattwa Chai is simply too delicious to be ignored.