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BODUM adds a new chapter to their legendary history:

The electric version of the PEBO vacuum coffee maker.


A lot of coffee has been drunk since our founder Peter Bodum introduced the Santos vacuum coffee pot back in the 1950s. It was revolutionary at the time, not only because it made delicious aromatic coffee in no time at all, but also because of its patented filter. Being an integral part of the coffee maker, there was no need for either cloth or paper filters. Even then, as today, one could say: “Make taste. Not waste”. 


The PEBO electric coffee maker. The new model that raises the Santos legacy to an even higher level.

The PEBO vacuum coffee maker is the modern version of Santos, and has long featured in BODUM’s product range. Now an electric model of PEBO is available, dispensing with the need for an external source of heat. So you can make coffee wherever there is an electric socket.


The very best way to make a cup of scalding hot, black coffee. 

Especially in the US, the vacuum brewing process is called “Siphon”, and it is now – and most literally “hot”, if you want a cup of the very best brewed black coffee. This brew method extracts all the precious oils from the coffee beans, thanks to an ideal balance of temperature and brew time. The vacuum created during the brewing process captures all of the flavours, so that the best coffee beans are utilized fully. And watching PEBO brewing is a pleasure in itself, drama and a little piece of science every time.


Coffee making with the BODUM PEBO. Step by step. 

PEBO is made of materials designed to be both safe and practical. The hot-plate is protected, so the coffee pot stands firm, and after use it can be easily cleaned with warm water. The integral filter ensures all the aromatic substances of the coffee are extracted into the pot, without grounds getting into your cup.

  1. Pour water into the lower section of the coffee pot and attach the upper section.
  2. Pour the ground coffee into the upper section and replace the lid.

Bodum recommends medium ground coffee. If possible, grind the coffee yourself, using freshly roasted beans. Use 7g per cup. 

  1. Switch PEBO on and watch the miracle happen. When the water reaches 94° C, ideal for the coffee brewing process, it rises into the upper section of the pot and mixes with the beans. 
  2. After bubbling in the funnel for four minutes, it all runs down through the filter, into the coffee pot, ensuring a delicious flavour. Once this process is complete, PEBO automatically switches function from brewing to just keeping the coffee hot.


Voilà. You have brewed a perfect cup of black coffee in record time.