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ECM Mechanika IV Espresso Machine

ECM Mechanika IV Espresso Machine


A masterpiece of quality craftsmanship and precision - down to the smallest detail. Sleek, unobtrusive design with clear and elegant lines and stainless steel railing as a final touch. Practical for everyday life with easy access to fresh water tank and removable shelf.

  • User-friendly
  • High-gloss chrome
  • Professional tilt valve technology
  • Rotary valve technology
  • Large warming rack for cups
  • Large fresh water reservoir (3 liters)
  • Automatic boiler filling
  • Boiler and Pump gauges
  • Water shortage indicator
  • Automatic shutdown on water shortage
  • Pipe system made ​​of copper with brass fittings
  • Steam/hot water lance in stainless steel
  • Armoured heating

Mechanika IV Profi includes switchover function water tank/ direct water connection (WT-WC).
Furthermore, various technical improvements in the model assure even lower noise performance.