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Rex-Royal SCS Compact Espresso Machine

Rex-Royal SCS Compact Espresso Machine

SCS Compact CT (Coffee, Tea) $8999
SCS Compact MCT (Milk, Coffee, Tea) Call for price 
SCS Compact MCST (Milk, Coffee, Steam, Tea) Call for price 
SCS Compact MCTI (Milk, Coffee, Tea, Instant) Call for price 

The SCS Compact with fresh milk solutions ensures optimal results. The HGZ milk system with the optionally available, high-quality milk pump allows you to produce the finest milk foam. The milk temperature can be precisely adjusted for each individual product. The “L” compressor refrigerator with a 4-litre milk capacity keeps the temperature consistently at 4 – 6°C and with our “Ld” milk solution, you can also supply two coffee machines with fresh milk simultaneously thereby optimizing efficiency and productivity during peak periods. Two coffee/fresh-milk products per coffee machine can be purchased at the same time, as desired.

  • Equipped with two instant containers, each 1kg capacity, as standard.
  • Capacitive touch screen for up to ten products. The functions are self-explanatory and consistent. The stored settings can be transferred to additional devices.
  • The high-quality, solid HGZ brewing group, with a brewing chamber that holds up to 16 grams of ground coffee, guarantees optimal extraction of the grounds for single as well as double products.
  • The proven rotary vane water pump made of stainless steel, with an exceedingly high-performance, brushless motor, guarantees a constant brewing pressure.
  • Dispensing of double products (coffee/fresh milk) possible.
  • Outlet height of up to 175 mm for latte glasses.
  • Modular construction of the coffee machine for minimal intervention and maintenance downtimes.
  • Swiss Quality – Swiss Made.