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Acme EVO Saucer

Acme EVO Saucer


Now used by professional baristas and coffee advocates around the globe; Acme & Co was the brainchild of Jeff Kennedy – The Godfather of New Zealand espresso. Wanting to create the perfect cup for the perfect cup of coffee, Jeff’s design factored in weight ratios and correct handle sizes, without compromising durability to protect from the inevitable knocks and drops.

The Evolution series cups have the same footprint and hold the same volume as the original, but now come with a smoother inner-gradient to make for an easier pour for Latte Artists. While the base is still thick for improved heat retention, the lip is finer and tapers more to make it even nicer to drink from. The biggest change is to the handle, which has been redesigned to make it more comfortable to hold. All the innovations are thoroughly tested through customer feedback and daily use at our flagship café, Prefab in Wellington, where 1,200 cups of coffee are served each day.