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Morala Trading - Macap MXD Digital

MACAP MXDR Digital Coffee Grinder

MACAP MXDR Digital Coffee Grinder


Macap was founded in 1930 in Venice. It was established as a coffee and equipment supplier and has provided quality service ever since. Traded in over 50 countries, Macap's reliable, professional tools are the result of constant refinement and meticulously detailed design and construction. 

MXD Digital

Three doses programmable

Manual dosing

Grinding output 3 g/s

Flat grinding blades Ø 75 mm

Power 340 W

Motor 1400 rpm (50 Hz) 1680 rpm (60 Hz)

Dimensions 230 x 370 x h600 mm

Coffee beans 1.4 Kg

Net weight 11 Kg

Dosing counter

Stepless adjustment system