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Mahlkönig X54 Home Coffee Grinder

Mahlkönig X54 Home Coffee Grinder


Taste the difference that fresh grinding makes with the Mahlkönig X54 Home Coffee Grinder. This high-end appliance features:

  • Special steel burrs (54mm) engineered for uniform grinding
  • Quiet operation for early morning use
  • Intuitive push & turn button
  • Stepless adjustment for customizable grind size

Finally, café-quality grinding you can achieve in your own kitchen. The Mahlkönig X54 delivers incredibly consistent grinds optimized for any brew method - from espresso and pour over to French press and beyond.

Coffee aficionados, rejoice! This compact yet powerful grinder gives you complete control over grind size, allowing you to unlock the full flavor potential of your favorite beans. The quiet motor makes it easy to grind fresh daily, giving you barista-level coffee that enhances every morning.