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Mazzer ZM Filter Digital Coffee Grinder

Mazzer ZM Filter Digital Coffee Grinder


Taste the difference that fresh grinding makes with the Mazzer ZM Filter Digital Coffee Grinder. This high-powered machine unlocks rich, aromatic flavor from your favorite coffee beans.

  • Commercial-grade flat burrs grind beans at up to 1050 rpm
  • 0.7 lb capacity holds plenty of beans for daily grinding
  • Digital timer precisely controls grind time from 5 to 60 seconds
  • Steel burrs create uniform grounds perfect for any brew method

The Mazzer ZM produces incredibly consistent grinds with minimal fines, the key to balanced extraction and full flavor. Its powerful motor and efficient burr set pulverize beans fast for maximum freshness and taste. The digital display makes it easy to set the perfect grind time for espresso, drip, French press and beyond.

For home brewers seeking cafe-quality coffee, this grinder is a game-changer. The ZM delivers professional performance, letting you maximize the aromatic oils and complex flavors in every bean. Experience the joy of fresh, flavorful coffee made just right, cup after cup.

Flat burrs 

  1. Low coffee retention  (<0.45 g)
  2. Electronic True Zero calibration
  3. Low r.p.m. with excellent grinding speed
  4. Ventilation system with electronic control
  5. Micrometrical digital grind adjustment mechanism
  6. Can record up to 20 grind settings
  7. Grinding chamber easy to clean
  8. On-demand dosing capability
  9. Double safety switch
  10. Patented lockable canister to keep coffee grounds from getting on the counter
  11. Bag holder

Standard equipment: 320g hopper
Optional: 1,3 kg (2,9 lbs) hopper, inox canister



  1. 151F for filter (standard fitted)
    Your coffee cup: Higher TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), pleasant mouth-feel of a full bodied coffee
  2. 151G for filter (optional)
    Your coffee cup: Clean taste, enhanced flavor profile, soft bitter notes and less fines
  3. 151B for espresso (standard fitted upon request)