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PROFITEC Pro M54 Coffee Grinder

PROFITEC Pro M54 Coffee Grinder


Indulge in the art of coffee perfection with the PROFITEC Pro M54 Coffee Grinder, a marvel of precision engineering designed to elevate your coffee ritual. The PRO M54 is more than a grinder; it's a statement of excellence, promising a symphony of flavors with every grind.

Featuring commercial-grade stainless steel burrs, the PRO M54 ensures uniform grinding, unlocking the nuanced flavors and aromas of your favorite coffee beans. The stepless grind adjustment empowers you to customize the grind size to match your preferred brewing method, whether it's espresso, drip, or French press.

Built for durability and performance, the PRO M54 combines a robust construction with sleek aesthetics, making it a standout in any kitchen. The intuitive controls and user-friendly design make grinding a breeze, while the easy-to-clean components ensure hassle-free maintenance.

The PROFITEC Pro M54 Coffee Grinder is more than a tool; it's a companion on your journey to the perfect cup of coffee. Order now and experience the precision, power, and excellence that define PROFITEC's commitment to the art of coffee. Elevate your coffee experience with the PRO M54 and savor the richness of each brew.

Main Features:

  • 54 mm stainless steel burrs
  • Easy to dial-in grinder, in small steps
  • Compact size design that can accommodate any kitchen
  • Stainless steel welding and high-quality finish that matches the PROFITEC machine range
  • Removabele spout that allows for easy cleaning
  • 235 watt motor speed
  • 250 g bean hopper
  • Measurements WxDxH: 115 mm x 110 mm x 355 mm