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Jura Blue Smart Connect Bluetooth

Jura Blue Smart Connect Bluetooth


Jura Smart Connect
The smart connect gives you full wireless control over your machine using your phone or tablet. 
Simply plug the smart connect in to your current Jura machine, download the Jura app on the app store (android or iOS support), turn on your bluetooth and play!. The Jura mobile app gives you the ability to make your favourite drinks, program and customize your drinks or review your machine statistics. 

Machines that support Smart Connect:
  • Z6
  • E8 (piano black and chrome)
  • E6
  • GIGA X8c
  • GIGA X7
  • GIGA W3
  • WE8

Smart connect requires iOS 7.0 (or higher)


Introducing the Jura Smart Connect Bluetooth (model 72167) – a cutting-edge solution for modern home automation. Elevate your living space with these stylish blue electrical plugs that seamlessly integrate into your smart home ecosystem.

Designed for efficiency and connectivity, the Jura Smart Connect Bluetooth enables you to control your electrical devices with ease. Whether it's turning on lights, managing appliances, or optimizing your home environment, these smart plugs offer a convenient and intelligent solution.

The striking blue color adds a touch of style to your smart home setup, making the Jura Smart Connect a standout feature in any room. The compact design ensures that it doesn't compromise your aesthetic preferences while providing advanced technological capabilities.

With Bluetooth connectivity, these electrical plugs offer a reliable and secure connection, giving you peace of mind in managing your home remotely. Experience the convenience of controlling your devices through your smartphone or smart home hub.

Invest in the future of home automation with Jura Smart Connect Bluetooth. Bring efficiency and style to your living space. Order now and take the first step toward a smarter and more connected home. Welcome the future with Jura – where innovation meets elegance.