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Rex-Royal AG - XM fresh milk preparation

Rex-Royal AG - XM fresh milk preparation

The XM fresh milk preparation is the ideal complement to your semi-automatic coffee machine. It provides high output with consistent quality, even with frequently changing staff. It also meets the most exacting demands for gentle processing of fresh milk for a wide range of milk types.


249 mm x 530 mm x 599 cm (WxHxD)


33 kg (XM), 33.3 kg (XMd), 33.9 kg (XM PS), 34.2 kg (XMd PS)

Electrical connections

220-240V|˜50/60 Hz|2.0-2.4 kW (XM, XMd)
380-415V |˜50/60 Hz|4.9-5.5 kW (XM PS, XMd PS)

Water connection

Tube G 3/8“ L = 2000 mm
Pressure 100-500 kPa / 1-5 bar
Hardness 5-8 dH° / 8-14 fH°
Chlorine < 30 ppm/l


Tube ø 27 mm L = 2000 mm
Drain ø 48 mm