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Hario Smart G Kettle

Hario Smart G Kettle


The kettle has a practical capacity of 1,000 ml, so you can drip it with plenty of room. An easy-to-control spout and a handle with silicone rubber that fits any grip. A commercially available thermometer can be attached to the lid.


  • Handle can be held two ways: with your thumb on the top of the handle, or wrapped around it.
  • Redesigned spout for even easier pouring.
  • Compatible with direct flame and both traditional and induction cooktops
    • Practical Capacity: 1000ml
    • 275 × 137 × 155 mm
    • Weight: 700g
    • Material
      Body, Handle, Lid: Stainless
      Knob of lid: PPT resin, Silicone rubber
      Handle cover: Silicone rubber