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High performance home espresso

The Silvia Pro took home espresso to new heights- with the Silvia Pro X, the sky is the limit. It all starts with a high powered dual boiler setup that enables simultaneous brewing and steaming without any loss in temperature. And thanks to PID controllers on each boiler, the Silvia Pro X boasts competition-level temperature accuracy, shot after shot. All this power is managed via simple brewing controls, with a digital display for easy management of machine functions plus an automatic shot timer.

The Rancilio Pro X comes with a pressure gauge for the coffee boiler, a new RS1-style portafilter, and a new adjustable brewing setting called Variable Soft Infusion. The machine will also be plug and play, meaning it will have a 110v specific board (no more F07 upon startup).

The new Silvia Pro X takes the proven tech of the Silvia Pro plus additional tools for an even better barista experience. We're especially excited to introduce Variable Soft Infusion. When this function is enabled, the coffee puck is gently soaked with low-pressure water for up to 6 seconds before ramping up to normal brewing pressure. This soft infusion period smooths out imperfections in the coffee puck that could lead to channeling during extraction and helps highlight the unique flavor notes of your coffee.

Additionally, the Silvia Pro X will also feature recent updates we made to the Pro, such as the hydraulic fix for the steam boiler pump so that it is as quiet as the coffee boiler pump and will include an 18 gram basket (along with all other standard Pro accessories)