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Rex-Royal - XT hot water preparation

Rex-Royal - XT hot water preparation

The XT hot water preparation offers very high performance for ski lodges and large businesses such as staff restaurants, care homes, and hospitals. Minimize waiting times thanks to a constant dispensing rate. The simple operation of the XT hot water preparation also makes it ideal for self-service.


249 mm x 530 mm x 599 cm (WxHxD)


33.6 kg (XT), 36.3 kg (XTM), 34.5 kg (XT PS)

Electrical connections

380-415V|˜50/60 Hz|8.0-9.5 kW

Water connection

Hose G 3/8" L = 2000 mm
Pressure 100-500 kPa / 1-5 bar
Hardness 5-8 dH° / 8-14 fH°
Chlorine< 30 ppm/l


Hose ø 27 mm L = 2000 mm
Drain ø 48 mm