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Jura Milk Pipe with Stainless Steel Casing

Jura Milk Pipe with Stainless Steel Casing


Introducing the Jura Milk Pipe with Stainless Steel Casing, a sophisticated and functional accessory designed to enhance your coffee experience. Crafted for use with Jura coffee machines, this premium milk pipe goes beyond the ordinary, delivering superior froth for your favorite beverages.

The stainless steel casing not only adds a touch of elegance to your coffee setup but also ensures durability and longevity. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality as the milk pipe seamlessly integrates with your Jura machine, becoming an integral part of your daily coffee ritual. 

Encased in a high-quality stainless steel coil spring, the milk pipe connects the milk container to the milk spout and makes the perfect finishing touch to the elegant design of your coffee machine. The opaque casing of high-quality material guarantees optimum protection against UV rays and the effects of light. Precision-fit connectors ensure airtight connections. Ready for use right away, this milk pipe offers the ideal solution for optimum milk hygiene every time.

HP1 - Compatible with:

E8 Platin (Model year 2015)
E8 Dark Inox (Model year 2015)
E6 / E60 / E600
D6 / D60 / D600
A9 / A900
A7 / A700

WE8 (The model year 2016)

HP3 - Compatible with:

J6 / J600
S8 / S80
E8 Chrome (Model year 2015)
GIGA X8cG2 / X8G2
GIGA X3cG2 / X3G2
WE8 (Model year 2019)